Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where the Wild Things Are - 6 Hat Thinking

We read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ again today. Some of our foundation learners then played a game of Bingo based around this wonderful book. The other children coloured masks for our wild rumpus next week. 

While we were working we did some 6 Hat Thinking around Max’s visit with the ‘Wild Things.’

First we did some yellow hat thinking. What were the good or positive points

  • Max was happy he had friends
  • He was really happy when he left
  • Max was glad when he was made king
  • He liked playing with them.
  • He got to be their king.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ listened to him.
  • He got to ride on the ‘Wild Things’ backs. He didn’t even have to walk
  • Max liked being at the wild rumpus

Then we used our black thinking hats and looked at bad or the not so good points. 

  • The wild things made him cross.
  • Max was frightened by them at first.
  • Max was sad because he missed his mum.
  • He was alone and really hungry.
  • Max might get super hungry.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ are creepy. I would scream.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ might eat you up like a hamburger when you are sleeping.
  • They might eat you up in one go.
  • They might throw you in the water or break your boat

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