Friday, May 8, 2015

Days of the Week from around the World

In First Language Group this week we looked at the days of the week in all the languages our children can speak. First, we each made a chart showing the days of the week in English and our language. Then we shared it with all the other children and our classroom teachers.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Peace at Last - Green Hat Thinking

This week we read the book 'Peace at Last'.  We felt really sorry for father bear so we put on our green thinking hats to come up with some ideas for helping him.

Dear Mr Bear

Yesterday we read your book ‘Peace at Last’. We are very sorry that you couldn’t get to sleep.

We put on our ‘green thinking hats’ to come up with some ways that you could get to sleep when it is noisy.
  • Maybe you could wake mum up and say, “Stop snoring”.
  • Roll Mrs Bear over.
  • You could just sleep, stay in bed in the morning.
  • You could close your ears.
  • You could make some noise so that the owls go into their houses.
  • You could cover your ears.
  • Sing a song to baby bear until he goes to sleep.
  • Why don’t you get up and watch a movie until your eyes fall asleep.
  • Mr Bear, you should go to your room and tell Mrs Bear to stop snoring.
The English Language Learners, Addington School

We received a letter from Mr Bear.

We posted Mr Bear our ideas and were very surprised to receive a letter back from Mr Bear. Here is our reply from Mr Bear.

Dear ELL Students at Addington School,

It was so great to hear from you. Thank you for the great ideas and solutions to the problems I have been having getting to sleep lately.

I have tried some of your suggestions and let me explain how they went......

You said to try rolling Mrs Bear over. I tried this, but Mrs Bear accidentally fell out of bed!!!!! She was not very impressed with me.

You said  to just stay in bed in the morning. I wish I could, but I have to get up to go to work at 6:30am and if I didn’t go, I would get fired.

You said to sing Baby Bear a song, but Baby Bear loves singing so he sang along with me!!

You also said to close your ears. Now this got me thinking. How could I close my ears???? Then I realized that I could get some ear plugs from the chemist and that’s just what I did, now I can’t hear anything. 

I have now slept all night long without waking and am feeling refreshed in the mornings.

Ahhhh, peace at last!!!!

Thank you all so much for your help.

From Mr Bear
We drew pictures of Mr Bear

Anzac Day Remembrance

On Tuesday some children from our school laid crosses as a field of remembrance. Today the children put the poppies and the wreaths that they had made and placed them around the crosses. 

Colours from around the world

Last Monday we made colour charts in our home languages. We were all very busy. Our finished charts went back to our classes to share with our teachers and friends.

Monday, March 30, 2015

First Language Group

Last week we made counting posters in our first language. Then we shared our work by counting in Tongan, Samoan, Cantonese, Fasi, Hindi, Fijian, Afrikaans, Cambodian and Filipino. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where the Wild Things Are - 6 Hat Thinking

We read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ again today. Some of our foundation learners then played a game of Bingo based around this wonderful book. The other children coloured masks for our wild rumpus next week. 

While we were working we did some 6 Hat Thinking around Max’s visit with the ‘Wild Things.’

First we did some yellow hat thinking. What were the good or positive points

  • Max was happy he had friends
  • He was really happy when he left
  • Max was glad when he was made king
  • He liked playing with them.
  • He got to be their king.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ listened to him.
  • He got to ride on the ‘Wild Things’ backs. He didn’t even have to walk
  • Max liked being at the wild rumpus

Then we used our black thinking hats and looked at bad or the not so good points. 

  • The wild things made him cross.
  • Max was frightened by them at first.
  • Max was sad because he missed his mum.
  • He was alone and really hungry.
  • Max might get super hungry.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ are creepy. I would scream.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ might eat you up like a hamburger when you are sleeping.
  • They might eat you up in one go.
  • They might throw you in the water or break your boat

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

'Where the Wild Things Are'

Today we read ‘Where the Wild things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.  Then we put on our ‘Red Thinking Hats’ to talk about how Max was feeling throughout the book. 
Here are some of the feelings the children came up with. 

  • When his mum called him ‘Wild Thing,’ Max was mad and grumpy. He was angry at his Mum and said, “I’ll eat you up.”
  • Max was sent to his room and this made him angry. He was mad and hungry because he had no supper.
  • When Max first saw one of the ‘Wild Things’ he was scared. His face looked terrified.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ made Max their king. He was very proud and happy.
  • Max felt very happy and excited when he took part in the ‘Wild Rumpus.’
  • When the ‘Wild Rumpus’ stopped, Max felt upset. We think he was tired and hungry and missed his home.
  • When he got home, we think he was glad to be back. He was happy and relieved to be in his own room. 
What Great Red Hat Thinking.

Art Attack

This year our art attack was based around water. We found all the words for water in the children's first language and made a big wall display in our school hall.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rosie's Walk

This week we read the book called 'Rosie's Walk'. It has a lot of prepostions in it. Then we watched a video on teacher tube. It was a funny video about Rosie and the fox. 
Then we played a Bingo game that used all the prepositions from Rosie's Walk. It was from Sparklebox

Friday, March 13, 2015


Dino the dinosaur came to school with his beautiful pink bucket to tell us all about prepositions. He is a great teacher.
Dino is on the bucket.
Dino is in front of the bucket.
Dino is behind the bucket.
Dino is next to the bucket.
Dino is in the bucket.

      Where is Dino? 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lazy Ozzie Black Hat Thinking

We read Lazy Ozzie and then put on our 'Black Thinking Hats'.  Here are some of the things that might happen if Ozzie doesn't learn how to fly.

  • he will fall and get hurt
  • no dinner
  • the other birds will be mean to him
  • he will get hungry
  • he will never get a friend
  • his owl friends might not play with him
  • he will be sad

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lazy Ozzie Green Hat Thinking

Ozzie is a lazy little owl who likes to sit around all day and doesn’t want to learn how to fly. We used some green hat thinking to come up with some ideas to help him to get down from the high beam.

  • he could use an umbrella and jump
  • he could jump on the hay piles
  • he could get a big, big ladder
  • he could just slide down the horses back
  • could he just jump
  • someone could to push him
  • he could ask someone to teach him