Tuesday, March 24, 2015

'Where the Wild Things Are'

Today we read ‘Where the Wild things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.  Then we put on our ‘Red Thinking Hats’ to talk about how Max was feeling throughout the book. 
Here are some of the feelings the children came up with. 

  • When his mum called him ‘Wild Thing,’ Max was mad and grumpy. He was angry at his Mum and said, “I’ll eat you up.”
  • Max was sent to his room and this made him angry. He was mad and hungry because he had no supper.
  • When Max first saw one of the ‘Wild Things’ he was scared. His face looked terrified.
  • The ‘Wild Things’ made Max their king. He was very proud and happy.
  • Max felt very happy and excited when he took part in the ‘Wild Rumpus.’
  • When the ‘Wild Rumpus’ stopped, Max felt upset. We think he was tired and hungry and missed his home.
  • When he got home, we think he was glad to be back. He was happy and relieved to be in his own room. 
What Great Red Hat Thinking.

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